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what does LEBENSWERT – svagyan stand for

​lebenswert - every single moment in its totality forms your life
svagyan - understand and create yourself as you want to be


Yes, I continue to follow my own life path and thus the rhythmic flow of my heart.

This LEBENSWERT - svagyan webpage is created for all those people, 
whose need it is to realize themselves through reflection, observation, healing and transformation. 

Grateful and Love

Live online Yoga
commit to regular yoga practice

Yoga is 1% theory and 99% practice.

Yoga is the movement to the breath, a mindful acceptance for the condition of your body and the truth to realize that every minute on your yoga mat is quite unique.

Find my online yoga offer here.

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what I'm offering to you is wealth of content:

The path of small steps to a lighter attitude towards life and towards yourself.

Reflecting and observing your attitude towards yourself and the world,
create a stable foundation for your self-worth and inner wealth,
awareness of your own value, showing your own glory and joy.


Deeper understanding of psychology and Ayurveda, different aspects in health consultation, personal one-on one mentoring session and 
sustainable body treatments, one-on-one yoga and meditation
sessions, mindfulness practices and breathing techniques for calming the mind and nervous system.

Let's start together for creating your own life-path. 

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where can we meet?

Experience a new philosophy of "togetherness".
A person becomes a radiant personality only through the exchange with other human beings.

Themed workshops, life value weekends at wonderful places, 
Yoga & Ayurveda retreats at home and abroad, Yoga sessions live or online.

Let's share a LEBENSWERT time together.

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